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Prairie Wetland Research Facility (PWRF)

Our unique field facility allows us to test hypotheses about the fate and effects of contaminants in shallow wetland ecosystems. From the microbial community to fish, we are able to examine the biological responses and their ecological interactions to best determine what can - and cannot - pose a threat to our environment. Located at the "Point", the PWRF is just a short walk from our main lab at the U of M, offering a convenient location to conduct ecosystem-based research in our own backyard.

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Stress Ecology Laboratory

Our lab not only performs standard toxicity tests, but also develops new tools and methods to better undersand the risk posed to our freshwater resources by chemical contaminants and stressors. These studies inform our larger field research program and help us to identify problems that warrant further investigation.

IISD - Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)

The IISD - Experimental Lakes Area is located in Northwestern Ontario, just 1 hour east of Kenora. We are lucky to be so close to such an incredible outdoor laboratory that specializes in impactful, whole ecosystem-based research.  Our lab and its members are involved in both the BOREAL and FOReSt projects at IISD-ELA, each of which are assessing the fate, behaviour, and impact of oil spills into freshwater environments, and how they can best be remediated. For more information on the IISD-ELA and the world-class research they do, check out their website here:

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